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Cardi B Opens Up In Detail About Her ‘Abusive’ Relationship With Offset

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Rapper Cardi B was forced to open up about her personal life with the father of her daughter Offset after the internet tried to convince her that she was in an abusive relationship and even went as far as trying to organize a ‘save Cardi B movement!’

Cardi B was so pissed off she went off on her fans and replied in kind to anyone who dared touch on her family mostly telling them off as snoopier and busybodies trying to ruin her marriage for their own delight!

Cardi B made a quick video where she addressed especially a term that fans were throwing around heavily ‘abuse’! She denied that she was in an abusive relationship!

Cardi B explained that she only filed for divorce to teach Offset a lesson and that she was the crazy one and if there was abuse, then she was the one giving it and not the other way round.

The rapper then went on to open up about the fact that she had over 3 houses and in different cities and so she could leave her house and go to any of those houses anytime she wanted adding that she was not being locked up on a room or something like that when they are going through issues with Offset.

She defended Offset noting that they had agreed to work on their relationship day by day one step at a time.

Cardi B then explained that she was not keen on taking advice from the internet adding that people did not know their relationship and although they pretend to know, they are as clueless as they can get!

Check out the video below and let us know what you make of it in the comments down below.

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