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Cardi B Reveals How She Makes Tripple The Money She Put In Her Birkin & Other Expensive Bags She Owns

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Cardi B is still on the Birkin debate and she is giving more insight as to why celebrities love to put their hands on these pricy items and it’s all for making more money!

The star has been on a roll trying to defend herself and her man Offset after the internet went after them over spending way too much money on Birkin bags!

Internet is of the opinion that spending money on such bags and others does not spell love and is not a basis for judging how good your relationship is!

This is after Quavo’s girlfriend Saweetie shared on social media urging women to leave men in their lives who could not afford Birkin bags because that was the only way to know a man loved you!

Well that sparked a whole debate with everybody trashing her for being materialistic! Well after her video and the debate, I guess it felt only right for Cardi B and Offset to defend them and so they went buying more Birkins!

So, when they entered the debate, they had a lot to say with Offset noting that access to such items should not be a bother especially when it’s black women who are on it!

Adding that black women should be celebrated for their wealth and not beat up for it!

But the internet was not convinced yet and so Cardi B I guess from her wisdom decided to open up a little bit more on why she always celebrated getting such bags!

She revealed that to her getting those bags was an investment! She put in money and would get more money out of it!

She went on to talk about her connects that were out hunting for market for her expensive items and would contact her in the event that somebody wanted to get some of those items off her and for a good price!

According to Cardi B, Offset spend $15K on her Birkin bag and she in a matter of hours had her connect get her a buyer who wanted to give her $40K for the same bag!

So according to her expensive bags for women is like when rappers get expensive jewelry and then let it go later for more money!

Check out the video below as Cardi B explain the whole business concept behind her expensive items and let us know what you think on the comments down below.

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