Cameron Diaz Found Being A Celebrity Stressful And As Years Went By She Could Not Take It Anymore


Cameron Diaz Star Making role turned 25 years old this year! Since then, she’s racked up several blockbusters to her name, including Charlie’s Angels, There’s Something About Mary and Vanilla Sky. But after the actress, 46, recently gave a candid interview, a friend has revealed to People that Diaz was […]

Bam Margera Released From Jail Following Trespass Arrest Looks Unbothered


Bam Margera was worse for wear after being released from police custody. The “Jackass” star was seen outside the LAPD station on Wednesday, hours after he was arrested for trespassing at a hotel on Sunset Blvd. He was released shortly after noon on his own recognisance. Seconds after walking out […]

Beyonce’s Weight Loss Diet Deemed Dangerous By British Association For Nutrition And Lifestyle Medicine


A diet endorsed by US pop singer Beyoncé “could be dangerous,” the British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine has told Maybach Media. Subscribers to the 22-day plan pay $14 (£11.50) to access plant-based recipes. But nutritionist Daniel O’Shaughnessy says the diet could lead to “nutritional deficiencies”. Beyoncé’s trainer Marco […]

Camila Cabello Claps Back At Body Shamers Hard


Camila Cabello is speaking out against people who have been body-shaming her. The 22-year-old singer shared a long message on her Instagram Story taking aim at individuals and outlets who have attacked her figure. Cabello continued, “Honestly first thing I felt was super insecure just IMAGINING what these pictures must […]

Bam Margera Goes On A Bizarre Rant Tells Dr. Phill He Is The Only One Who Can Help Him


As Bam Margera continues to unravel on social media, he is reaching out to Dr. Phil, who he hopes can guide him through his troubles. Bam then brought up his young son, Phoenix, and how much he loves him and how he imagines the child could be a point of […]

This Is The Reason Why RICK ROSS Has Been MIA In The Industry & How His Life Has Changed


Many people have wondered for a long time now what happened to Rick Ross because just when he seemed to be at the top of his game, he seemed to want to go away! No! He did not only want to go away, he went away and stayed away from […]

Usher Wants Herpes Info Sealed, Kim Thanks Trump For A$ap, R Kelly Vs FBI Who Is The Most Powerful


Usher was very reluctant to follow a court order demanding that he reveal his hospital medication records that would tell if he had Herpes or not! The star dilly dallied for a long time but eventually had to comply or the court was going to hold him in contempt! Bu […]

Stevie Wonder To Go Under The Knife In Kidney Transplant Procedure


Stevie Wonder told a packed park full of fans that he was scheduled to go under the knife for a kidney transplant. The legendary musician dropped the bombshell news Saturday night as he was finishing his set across the pond at the British Summer Time Hyde Park music festival. Wonder […]

Doctor Pulls T Pain From All Things Music Over Vocal Chords Damage Until Further Notice – Watch

MM Staff

T Pain painfully explained that he was taking a break from the love of his life – music to abide by Doctor’s orders over fears his vocal chords were in the horizons of becoming damaged goods! T Pain explained that he had not been taking good care of himself and […]

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