Blueface Introduces His Two Girlfriends Says He Is Living Under One Roof With Both Of Them Happily


Rapper Blueface is a man of means and his demand has he revealed can’t be handled by one girlfriend as he revealed he is in a committed relationship with 2 women. The rapper giving a PSA he showed off the women adding they were not his thots but that they […]

Megan Stallion Talks Being Insulted For Being Too Tall And Her Reaction Is Humid


Female rapper Megan Stallion has come out to talk about being insulted over her height! Female rapper Megan Stallion has come out to talk about being insulted over her height which she reveals that it doesn’t make her feel any type of way. The rap star noted on twitter that; […]

Lil Nas X Now Says Just Because He Is Gay It Does Not Mean He Is Gay!


Lil Nas X now says just because he is gay does not mean he is gay! Whatever that means! The rap star who has been riding the charts hard with his new monster hit – OTR came out somewhat over him being gay taking the internet by storm. As the […]

Lil NAS X Comes Out Of The Closet – “Am Gay”

MM Staff

Rumours have been swirling for a while about rapper Lil Nas X’s sexuality and now it seems he is confirming they are true. The 20-year-old “Old Town Road” singer has seemingly come out as gay in a tweet posted on the final day of Pride Month. “some of y’all already […]

Psy Questioned By The Police Over Prostitution Allegations Involving The Founder Of His Former Agency


The ‘Gangnam Style’ star was summoned as a reference witness for prostitution allegations involving the founder of his former agency. South Korea’s booming music industry has been hit by a scandal that has seen a far-reaching network of K-pop stars, business moguls and even cops implicated in bribery, tax evasion […]

Miley Cyrus Receives Mixed Ruling in ‘We Can’t Stop’ Copyright Suit


A federal judge has ruled that the case will move forward — but with potential damages greatly decreased. A federal judge has delivered a mixed ruling on Miley Cyrus’s request to dismiss a Jamaican singer-songwriter’s $300 million copyright infringement lawsuit over her 2013 single “We Can’t Stop.” In an order […]

Duane “Dog” Chapman Reveals The Last Words Beth Chapman Uttered Before Dying


Duane “Dog” Chapman is opening up about the loss of his wife, Beth Chapman. Hours after Beth lost her battle with throat cancer at the age of 51 on Wednesday, June 26, her husband spoke to Hawaii News Now outside of the Honolulu hospital where she had been in a […]

The Life Of Beth Chapman And Stardom


Beth Chapman, the late wife of Duane “Dog” Chapman and former co-star of Dog the Bounty Hunter, was one of the most memorable faces of reality television. Between her bleach blonde hair and no-nonsense attitude, she was hard to forget. Many fans continued to follow the Colorado native’s journey on social media […]

Valee Dyed His Dog Red And PETA Got Pissed Off


Valee jumped on his Twitter account and reposted a letter PETA sent to his reps. In the note, reps for the animal-rights organization implored the rapper to not dye his dog anymore. The letter reads, in part; In addition, PETA wants Valee to remove his video so that it doesn’t […]

Lauren London Captivating Story As Captured Around Nipsey Hussle


Lauren London was thrust into the spotlight when her longtime partner, Grammy-nominated artist Nipsey Hussle, was murdered in March 2019. The man accused of shooting the rapper has pleaded not guilty to murder, and through the ordeal, London has been doing her best to stay strong. In a heartbreaking Instagram […]

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