Michael Blackson Asks 50 Cent For Extension On His Debt After Trolling Him Live On Stage


Michael Blackson made quite the mistake when he was out partying with 50 Cent recently. The comedian took a couple of stacks of cash from the rapper to really enjoy his night out but when he woke up the next morning he realised just who he was dealing with. As […]

50 Cent Says Michael Blackson Owes Him Money He Claps Back: “You Ain’t Sh*t Modaf*cka”


How does everybody keep falling for this? Under no circumstances should you be borrowing money from 50 Cent. There is literally no reason in the world why you should be asking Fif to front you some cash. If you end up falling into his trap, you’ll be paying him back […]

Akon Wants To See Michael Blackson In The Coming To America 2

MM Staff

Akon is rooting for Michael Blackson to get a role in the film for real. Coming To America 2 is in the works and Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall have already begun their fittings for the anticipated film. While fans are looking forward to the resurgence of McDowell’s, Akon included, […]

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