Kanye West is said to be looking for “an artist” to be his next love interest. According to sources loyal to the iconic musician, he needs to be able to “speak the same language” with his next love interest. Azealia Banks jumped into the conversation right on cue and toldContinue Reading

It’s always fun when rappers with badass aliases collaborate, as it sounds like a massive comic-book crossover. In this case, we’re looking at a new partnership between The Butcher and The Voice, as Griselda’s Benny and OTF’s Lil Durk met up in Phoenix, Arizona over the weekend. Although it’s uncertainContinue Reading

DaniLeigh has been off social media for a few weeks, which the artist felt was best to maintain her mental health. After being called out by a Snowfall actor for her take on the film, the 26-year-old artist posted a disturbing message, saying that she didn’t “want to be hereContinue Reading

Scottie Pippen posted some heartbreaking personal news on Instagram today, announcing that his firstborn son Antron had passed away at the age of 33. Antron was born in 1987, and he was also the son of Scottie’s 1988 marriage to Karen McCollum. Scottie had shared a number of pictures ofContinue Reading

Shaq was one of the best big men of his generation, and some people rank him among the top ten NBA players. Shaq has seen and done it all, and he understands how to assess talent. Shaq, on the other hand, can come off as a hater at times, asContinue Reading

Summer Walker is skeptical of the COVID-19 vaccine and advises her fans to avoid those who have been vaccinated. She shared a number of direct messages from fans claiming to have experienced strange side effects after being around people who had the vaccine, including swelling, bruising, spontaneous periods, and miscarriages.Continue Reading

DaBaby, a rapper from Charlotte, has enraged a lot of people once again, this time over a video he shared in which he shames a flight attendant for their hairstyle. DaBaby is seen in the video with a group of people he was traveling with, which he reportedly shared onContinue Reading

It’s unavoidable that the popularity of an artist’s music skyrockets after their death. Following DMX’s death on April 9th, it was announced that his streaming numbers had increased by 928 percent. It’s not shocking, given that DMX was once one of the world’s biggest rap star. Although the numbers aren’tContinue Reading

R. Kelly seems to be on the verge of being convicted of the alleged sex offences for which he has been accused during his career. In a previous criminal case, the singer was accused of witness tampering, which was never proved in court. According to The New York Post, Kelly’sContinue Reading

Throughout her husband’s funeral service on Saturday, Queen Elizabeth maintained her stoic calm, isolated and poignantly tiny underneath the ringing stones of St. George’s Chapel. She lowered her head, as widows of any rank and wealth would, to mourn her beloved consort of 73 years, solitary in her pew dueContinue Reading

Angel Olsen has revealed that she is bisexual. The indie singer announced the news on Instagram, alongside pictures of her writer partner Adele Thibodeaux. According to Variety, Olsen wrote on her Instagram Story, “I’m gay!!!!!” “My beau, I’m gay,” she captioned the photos of Thibodeaux. Since December, Thibodeaux, who hasContinue Reading

According to reports, Prince Harry and his brother Prince William spent two hours behind closed doors after their grandfather’s funeral on Saturday, despite their long-standing feud. A source told The Sun that the warring brothers were joined by their father, Prince Charles, at Windsor Castle after the Royal family laidContinue Reading

On Sunday, Travis Barker wished girlfriend Kourtney Kardashian a happy 42nd birthday and did not hold back in sharing his feelings for her. The member of Blink-182 shared a series of romantic photos, including some of them sharing a passionate kiss. ‘I F***ING love you ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY @kourtneykardash, YOU’RE AContinue Reading

Gianna Hammer, a former contestant on MTV’s “Are You the One?” says that a co-star “sexually raped” her on the set of the dating reality show after production reportedly gave her a pill. According to a new report from The Daily Beast, Hammer who had a part on Season 5Continue Reading

According to police, a guy was caught attempting to break into Taylor Swift’s Tribeca apartment building on Saturday night. According to an NYPD spokesperson, officers arrived at the Franklin St. property just before 11 p.m. after receiving a complaint about a man attempting to gain entrance when the front doorContinue Reading

Marc Anthony issued a public apology to his fans on Sunday following what he described as the “complete failure of the streaming network” that was supposed to broadcast his virtual concert around the world over the weekend. Anthony’s “One Night Only” show was promoted worldwide, and Daddy Yankee performed asContinue Reading