T Pain Says His Manager Burned Through $40 Million Leaving Him Broke With Zero Dollars In The Bank And Had To Borrow To Buy His Kids Burger


It is not everyday that you hear a rapper open up about their woes in the success front and especially if they involve losing money but in comes T Pain and he is ready to speak! The rapper was attending a Breakfast Club interview with Charlamagne and Dj Envy when […]

Felicity Huffman Is Worth An Estimated $20 Million See The Breakdown Inside

MM Staff

On Tuesday, March 12, actress Felicity Huffman was arrested and charged for conspiracy to commit wire fraud and mail fraud in a shocking college admissions scandal nicknamed ‘Operation Varsity Blues.’ Huffman allegedly paid $15,000 to help her oldest daughter cheat on the December 2017 SAT and had planned to do […]

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