50 Cent Breaks His Silence Over Snoop Dogg Trying To Steal His “Big Crip” As Payment For A Show

MM Staff

50 Cent is the King of making sure he gets paid from his various borrowers that sometimes get publicly shamed if they fail on paying him back on time. From 50’s case with Teairra Mari to his recent, more playful, case with Michael Blackson, it’s a known fact at this […]

50 Cent Blocks Odell Beckham Jr. On Instagram After Posting A Thirsty Photo Of Himself In His Underwear Holding Onto His Junk


Odell Beckham Jr. is really out here wildin’. It doesn’t matter if his latest post has literally nothing to do with 50 Cent — the world-famous rapper stumbled upon it and he decided to ex out OBJ from his entire life. You’ll understand why when you see the photo. The […]

Michael Blackson Asks 50 Cent For Extension On His Debt After Trolling Him Live On Stage


Michael Blackson made quite the mistake when he was out partying with 50 Cent recently. The comedian took a couple of stacks of cash from the rapper to really enjoy his night out but when he woke up the next morning he realised just who he was dealing with. As […]

50 Cent Calls NYPD TOUGHEST GANG In New York Says He Is Ready For Whatever Amid News They Closed Investigations To Deputy Inspector Orders To Shoot The Rapper On Sight


News that Deputy Inspector Emanuel Gonzalez will not face charges has left a bitter taste 50 Cent’s mouth. Gonzalez is, after all, the NYPD who allegedly tried to incite a glory hunt with 50 Cent as his intended target. At the time, 50 Cent was said to be “scared for […]

50 Cent Trolls Ending Floyd Mayweather Beef Before Quickly Insulting Him With Positive Vibes Only


In case you missed it, Floyd Mayweather decided to reignite his feud with 50 Cent earlier today out of nowhere when he went at Fif on IG, breaking down “the end” of his career. Well, we all knew it was only a matter of time before Fif retaliated on IG, […]

50 Cent Told He Is The Quincy Jones Of Our Generation Says He Likes It; “That’s A Good One”


After the TV industry unveils its new-season schedules and series to advertisers in New York each May, it takes the show on the road to a swank Southern California hotel ballroom to coax attention from television-centric news reporters and critics. The annual summer meeting of the Television Critics Association, with […]

50 Cent Says Michael Blackson Owes Him Money He Claps Back: “You Ain’t Sh*t Modaf*cka”


How does everybody keep falling for this? Under no circumstances should you be borrowing money from 50 Cent. There is literally no reason in the world why you should be asking Fif to front you some cash. If you end up falling into his trap, you’ll be paying him back […]

50 Cent Already Teaching His Son How To Shoot His Shot


50 Cent is one lucky guy and although he doesn’t show much of it we would like him to, the little he does sure leaves you seeking more out of his relationship with his second son. Fif who doesn’t see eye to eye with his first son and have for […]

50 Cent Asks Emily B To Keep Fabolous At Home During His Cucumber Pool Party


50 Cent is getting ready for a big weekend ahead. If you’ll recall, he trekked over to Atlanta a few months ago for Tycoon weekend where he partied with Bow Wow, Trey Songz, Lil Duval and many more. This weekend, he’ll be bringing the festivities to his home turf of New […]

50 Cent Shades His G-Unit Ex-Members Says They “F’d Up The Whole Bag”


As he continues throwing shades at former G-Unit member Young Buck over his sexuality; it is not lost to him about the rest of the G-Unit members and what they would have been had they not according to Fif thrown it all away! On Wednesday (July 3), 50 uploaded a […]

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