Azealia Banks Thinks Nicki Minaj Is Looking To Bring Megan Thee Stallion Down Calls Her “WILD COKED” And On Some Evil Plans


Azealia Banks is well known for stirring controversy than she is for her music but that doesn’t bother her either you can bet on it! So last weekend (Aug. 10), Banks felt the need to call BS on Nicki Minaj’s newly established friendship with 2019 XXL Freshman Megan Thee Stallion. […]

Azealia Banks Shares Nudes Online


Unfortunately for Azealia Banks, she’s rarely in the news before of her musical contributions anymore. While she has proven herself to be one of the most innovative female rappers in the entire world, she just hasn’t been able to stick to a mainstream audience. Part of the reason why she’s […]

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