Blueface Now Claims He’s Slept With 10,000 Women

MM Staff

During an interview with Real 92.3, Blueface claimed that he slept with 1,000 over the past six months. Going by that math, if he’s still talking about how many women he’s been with in the past six months, that would mean that he’s slept with roughly 55 women a day. […]

Blueface Manager Wack 100 Gets Into Full Blown Beef With YG Hours After His Song With Tyga And Blue Is Released


Things are boiling over in L.A. as two big names from the West Coast rap scene are at each other’s necks. On Friday, Cash Money West president and famous hip-hop manager Wack 100 took to Instagram with a sub at rappers portraying a gangster image. One thing I respect is […]

Fans Have Certified The Entire Family Of Blueface Can’t RAP After This


Rapper Blueface has been trending online for a while after he kicked out his own sister and mother from his new mansion! The rap star then revealed during the drama that he was living with his two girlfriends; his BM (baby mama) and another new girl he was dating! After […]

Rapper Blueface Kicked His Mother And Sister Out To Live With His New Two Girlfriends


Rapper Blueface is a man under siege after it has come out that he kicked out his mother and sister to live with his new two girlfriends. The rap star declared that he was dating 2 girlfriends at ago and they were okay with it and he was living with […]

Blueface Introduces His Two Girlfriends Says He Is Living Under One Roof With Both Of Them Happily


Rapper Blueface is a man of means and his demand has he revealed can’t be handled by one girlfriend as he revealed he is in a committed relationship with 2 women. The rapper giving a PSA he showed off the women adding they were not his thots but that they […]

Rapper Blueface Got Detained By Police After Traffic Stop Went South


Blueface had a brush with the law on Friday (June 28) when he was detained by police following a traffic stop. The rapper was pulled over while driving a black Porsche in Los Angeles for exceeding the speed limit in a residential area. Police on the scene made the rapper […]

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