Lizzo Denies Claims She Is Going Through Identity Crisis Clarifies Her Beef With Future & Swae Lee


Lizzo can now claim to have lived through being caught between the fire to remember what tweets not well thought out can get u into 🤣🤣🤣🤣! The female rapper seemingly suggested that Future and Swae Lee are not rappers. In tweets that she has since deleted and sought to clarify, […]

Future To Sell Designer Clothes To Fans Worth $23,000 For Charity


Future is one of the best dressers in the game. What’s special about his swag is that it’s truly unique. You don’t see too many rappers tucking their t-shirts into their trousers and dressing in a casual-chic manner but Big Fewtch is out here creating that wave. If ever you’ve wanted to […]

Rapper Future Faced Backlash After Trying To Compare Himself To Nipsey Hussle

MM Staff

Rapper Future is easily one of the most polarizing artists in entertainment. While his music is extremely popular, his antics and off-color comments tend to place him on the wrong end of social media shade. A perfect example of this would be Future’s comments regarding the passing of Nipsey Hussle. […]

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