New Tay K Mug-Shot After 55 Year Sentence


A few weeks ago, Tay-K’s name was all over the news after it was revealed that his trial would finally begin. Once it kicked off, it only lasted for approximately one week before the jury decided his fate. While the hip-hop community has remained split on Tay-K, there did not […]

Tay K Maybe Charged As An Adult In Second Murder Case


Tay-K Second Murder Case: Prosecutors Push To Have Rapper Tried As An Adult. Texas prosecutors are pushing to have rapper Tay-K tried as an adult for his role in the second murder he’s accused of involving Mark Saldivar, 23. Just weeks ago, he was sentenced to 55 years for the murder […]

Incarcerated Rapper Tay K Sued For Allegedly Attacking A 65 Year Old


Tay-K, who is currently awaiting the start of his capital murder trial, is reportedly facing more legal trouble. This time, the rapper is being sued for allegedly attacking a 65-year-old man. The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported that Tay-K is facing a lawsuit from an elderly man who claims the rhymer, who was 16 at the […]

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