Tue. Jul 23rd, 2019

CCTV Footage Emerges Showing What Went Down At T.I. Gated Community Entrance Last Year Before He Got Arrested For Disturbance

We reported to you last year about T.I. getting arrested over causing disturbance at the entrance of his gated community where he owns a mansion and lives with his wife Tiny.

Well that case unfolded and he got off with a warning and paid some $500 fine.

Footage now has emerged from the CCTV covering the location which shows what went down before the police were called in. The rap star arrives and purportedly found the guard asleep, woke him up and he asked T.I. who he was before proceeding to refuse to let him in to avoid embarrassment over his sleeping at work!

Then he quickly flipped the script on T.I. and claimed he caused disturbance at the location and wanted to beat him up and he suspected it’s because he was drunk!

Well T.I. did not at any point deny that he was drunk because he was coming from out to have fun and what not but to deny the man entrance to his own house was the bone of contention.

I mean how to do you deny a man access to his own millions dollar home like it has been given to him for free and did not work for it?!

In the meantime Tiny also called the gate and asked for T.I. to be let in but the guard won’t move. It is not clear what happened to the guard but I am sure head rolled later after T.I. came out of lock up.

We have reached out to T.I. and his team for a comment. Watch the video below and let us know what you think on the comments down below.

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