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Celina Powell & Her Friends Claim That Odell Beckham Has A Poop Fetish


No Jumper seems to have made Celina Powell and her friends Aliza & Slim Danger resident contributors to his podcast and they are bringing the juice every time they sit down to recount their experiences in the hands of men!

So if you have ever gotten down with this click of girls get ready with your dirty laundry coming soon.

But for stars like Odell Beckham Jr. he doesn’t have to wait any longer as they came through today with his unbelievable story in the bedroom!

Because apparently, he has a fetish for poop! Yes you heard that right! The star can’t finish his bedroom game without asking a lady to actually shit on him!

Now the lady explaining the fetish or rather who had the experience with Odell says she couldn’t do it probably because of shock and maybe because she had shit prior to their encounter but she says she tried!

Now that is the most awkward fetish I have ever heard. Check out the video below and let us know what you make of it and do you even believe it in the first place?

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