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Celina Powell Says Snoop Dogg Was First To Test Her New Butt Brags He Will Never Leave Her And She Ended His Marriage

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Celina Powell and uncle Snoop have quite the history and the two may have ended up getting closer than further from each other following how rough they have handled each other in the past!

Celina Powell is naughtily known for exposing Snoop Dogg over having sex with her and cheating on his wife!

The rapper responded by trolling her on social media especially on Instagram. At this point, everybody would have been right to conclude the blood between these two was so bad that they wouldn’t see eye to eye even on Christmas day!

Well Celina Powell would go on to get back at Snoop Dogg by sharing their intimate video on Onlyfans as we reported before and charged $29 for it!

But scratch how bad you thought things were between these two because Snoop Dogg OH!!!!! Sorry!!! Celina Powell was at it again!

These two apparently found a way into each other’s heart by being nasty to each other and now can’t get enough of each other! LOL!

Celina Powell exposed Snoop Dogg one more time showing herself waiting for him to finish getting a Pedi & Mani while she captioned the picture ‘if this man don’t hurry up!’

She would go on to react on different post about how Snoop Dogg would never leave her and that he was not living in a separate house with his wife as they were separated and that she was now the center of his life!

While Snoop was busy getting first taste of her new upgraded butt after she spend a clean $7K on booty work, he may have not been aware how much the lass was sharing on social media!

The rapper has not responded to Celina’s new shenanigans online but am sure he will have a thing or two to say when he finally gets to it and we will be here to bring it to you.

Let us know what you make of these twos relationship and are you down to see them get exlusive or nah?!

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