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Chad Wheeler Knocked Out His Girlfriend And Strangled Her Twice But Was Shocked When She Woke Up


As we reported before, SEATTLE Seahawks player Chad Wheeler attacked his girlfriend and left her for dead in a pool of her own blood, prosecutors said.

We have received more details on the matter as below;

Wheeler, 27, was arrested on Saturday after the attack on his girlfriend, which he later claimed was the result of a manic episode.

Court documents seen by MM show that Wheeler “strangled, suffocated and beat the victim into unconsciousness twice and both times left her for dead as blood poured from her nose and mouth and into her stomach and lungs.”

He’s reportedly been hit with one count of first-degree domestic violence assault, one count of domestic violence unlawful imprisonment and one count of resisting arrest.

The girlfriend Alleah, called cops and said that she was being “killed” on the night of the arrest.

Apparently after strangling her and she passed out, when she came around he reportedly reacted by asking her amid laughter whether she was still alive!

“Wow you’re alive?”

The girlfriend continues to recover in hospital.

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