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For months, Chris Brown has not been able to see his son Aeko. Ammika Harris, Chris’ ex-girlfriend and the mother of his son, has been living in Germany with their little one but, when the pandemic hit, she chose to stay in Europe.

Unfortunately, that meant that Aeko would be without his father for an extended period of time. This week, Ammika was finally able to meet up with Chris, where he reunited with his baby boy for the first time in a long time.

The Virginia native has been posting pictures from their meeting this morning, sitting down on a park bench and taking in the special moment.

“MADE IT,” wrote Chris on IG. It’s unclear if he flew out to Germany or if Ammika caught a plane back to Los Angeles.

The timing is remarkable since, this week, rumors have been sparking about Chris’ new girlfriend Gina V. Huynh. The singer was spotted holding hands with the model, who is also Diddy’s ex, at a video shoot with Young Thug.

Until this weekend, it was not confirmed whether Chris and Ammika had actually broken up. There were rumors that they had reconciled and, now that they have new pictures together with Aeko, everything is muddy again.


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