December 7, 2021

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Chris Daughtry’s Wife Shuts Down ‘Homicide’ Rumours Following Daughter Hannah’s Death

Chris Daughtry’s wife has called on the public to refrain from spreading rumours that her daughter’s death is being investigated as a homicide, saying that the speculation is “making it worse for those of us who love her.”

Deanna Daughtry disputed that investigators investigating the murder of her daughter Hannah Price, 25, who was discovered dead in her Nashville home on Nov. 12 was looking into homicide as a possible explanation.

In a post on Instagram on Friday, Daughtry said, “I’ve lost my child, and now I’m having to deal with speculations and assumptions about her as well.”

“The individuals who cared about her are in agony, and we are mourning with them; they are not speaking to the press, they are not circulating falsehoods, and they are certainly not making this a personal attack on themselves.”

Daughtry stated that the homicide allegations were created as a result of the family discussing their worries with those in their social circle.

According to her, “someone took that and ran with it, or they talked to someone else who then made assumptions and ran with it to the press.”

“So, everyone, please just stop!” she exclaimed further.

“I adored my baby, and I am currently enduring the most intense emotional sorrow I have ever experienced! Please refrain from making matters worse for those of us who care about her by spreading falsehoods and saying deplorable things about our family members.”

“We are actual people!” we say.

The circumstances surrounding the death remain a mystery at this day.

Bobby Jolly, Price’s lover, was apprehended the same day her corpse was discovered and charged with her murder. Police, on the other hand, have stated that Jolly is not a suspect in connection with her death.

“At this time, there has been no arrest in connection with the death of Ms. Price,” according to the office of District Attorney General Jared Effler.

In a statement released Friday, Price’s mother begged people not to make snap judgments about who was guilty for her death.

It is one thing to have questions and worries, but harassing someone and accusing them of being a murderer before all of the facts are in is wrong on every level, regardless of their background, she said.

Both Hannah and her brother Griffin, both 23 years old, are Deanna’s children from a previous marriage.

Chris and Deanna, who have been together since 2000, have twin daughters, Adalynn Rose and Noah James, who are ten years old.

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