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Chrissy Teigen Asks President Joe Biden To Unfollow Her Only Weeks After She Asked Him To Unblock Her


When Joe Biden became the president, Chrissy Teigen forced his hand to make his first presidential duty to unblock her from the block she had sustained from Donald Trump on Twitter!

Chrissy Teigen and Donald Trump never saw eye to eye and it would in most cases end up with an ugly exchange on social media that would then see Trump castigated by Chrissy’s followers hard.

Trump ended up blocking Chrissy and that was it.

But it seems even the block was a painful one for Chrissy Teigen who then asked Joe Biden to unblock her when he got into office.

Fast forward and today, Chrissy Teigen was back with another request. She wanted Joe Biden to unfollow her!

She argued that for her to blossom and be herself then she was gonna ask him to unfollow her and then reassured him it was not him but her!

According to sources, apparently Chrissy felt like she was being watched hence she couldn’t be herself and curse whenever she wanted and do the shenanigans, she does with her Twitter hence the request!

What’s interesting is Joe Biden did just that! He unfollowed her and when she finally got the notification, she went off on Twitter celebrating declaring that she was now free.

It feels like a case of daughter not wanting to misbehave while daddy is watching and wanted him to out the door so she can entertain the party! From here on it’s whatever with Chrissy in the room without daddy!

Check out the exchange below and let us know what you think on the comments down below.


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