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Chrissy Teigen Released From Hospital Reacts To Going Home Without A Baby After Failed Pregnancy

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Chrissy Teigen has been released from hospital and revealed that she was driving home and her reaction to losing her baby has left many heartbroken!

The star reacted to the fact that she lost her baby on Twitter by sending a tweet that she was going home without a baby and wondered how that was possible!

Chrissy and John are going through it and will need a lot of support. This after they lost their unborn child following complications with Chrissy’s pregnancy.

Chrissy who had been hospitalised as doctors worked round the clock to save the pregnancy finally revealed that everything had failed and the bleeding did not stop causing the baby to lose the battle.

Chrissy had kept the world in touch about her pregnancy number 3 progress and it is this journey that led many to become part of the family in a special way.

So when things turned for worse and Chrissy revealed that she was bleeding, many were heartbroken. Doctors would proceed to place Chrissy on bed rest which she followed and after a while still revealed that the bleeding had not stopped!

The doctors brought her in to do fusions and different methods to help and sustain the pregnancy to it’s full term but all this failed.

John Legend being the gentleman he is had stayed by her side the entire time and took this time to make some of wishes to come to pass.

Check out Chrissy’s reaction online and pass your condolences messages on the comments below.

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