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Christina Aguilera has made it clear; she is done with dieting!

The star looked sensational in a new photoshoot for L’Officiel Italia in which she promoted body positivity and told her fans exactly what she thought about being judged on appearance.

Christina, 39, exuded confidence in the dramatic snapshots which saw her sporting thigh-high boots, lingerie, and oversized coats, and blew fans away with her powerful message.

“I have often clashed with my anxieties and with being hypercritical towards myself,” she told the publication. “But I have never stopped looking for new ways to push myself further, without neglecting to protect myself.”

Christina – who is engaged to Matthew Rutler, 35 – then revealed:

“I’m not going on a diet, get over it,” before continuing: “Each of us is an individual and people judge you based on your differences, on what makes you unique.

“You have to accept that beauty and to hell with everything else. True beauty for me is the ability to know you and project what you are in an unmistakable light. Not always pretty, far from perfect, but pure.”

Christina also pointed out the importance of not comparing yourself to others and said:

“Be kind to yourself. We are all walking on the path of inner research, it is our work as human beings and each one follows a different path, so it makes no sense to make comparisons. ‘Swim in your lane. If you waste time looking over your shoulder to see what others are doing, you lose sight of it,’ is the best advice I’ve ever been given. Let’s try to listen to the things that resonate within us. It takes time to get over the noise and really feel yourself.”

In other related news, the star went on to reveal that her planned performing dates for November were now cancelled over the Covid-19 pandemic as everyone strives to do their part to be their brother’s keeper.

In a statement Christina noted;

“While nothing would make me happier than meeting you all back at Zappos Theatre for #TheXperience Las Vegas, we all have to continue doing our part & acting responsibly. Everyone’s health and safety is our top priority, so my Las Vegas residency performances scheduled for this November are cancelled. I apologize for any inconvenience to ticket holders, there is nowhere I’d rather be than up on stage performing for all of you, but we will just have to be patient. All tickets will be refunded at the point of purchase within 30 days.⁣

Thank you to my fans who captured some of the best Vegas Xperience moments!!”

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