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City Girls JT Asks Saweetie To Give Her Dad’s IG So She Can Shoot Her Shot

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A few months ago, everybody was going crazy over a picture of Saweetie’s family, lusting over her uncle on social media. This week, the rising rapper shared a picture of her father on his birthday and the cycle started all over again.

Yesterday, Saweetie shared a photo of her dad to celebrate his birthday, saying:

“Happy c day big poppa love you.”

In the comments, everyone went absolutely crazy.

“You not gone tag him sis?” asked one thirsty commenter. “Whew & here I am thinking her momma was the reason she was fine when her daddy FINE fine,” said another. “Girrllllll …. dis yo daddy??” hilariously asked a third.

It wasn’t just her fans that were trying to go on a date with Saweetie’s dad though. JT of the City Girls, who is fresh off a show-stopping performance at the BET Hip-Hop Awards, is also trying to get the digits, tweeting about it.

“Saweetie need to stop cock blocking & tag her dad,” said JT.

People in her replies have already found his Instagram handle, shipping it to JT and hoping that she has luck in her mission to get with Saweetie’s dad.

Previously, JT was romantically linked to Lil Uzi Vert and, while neither of them actually confirmed they were dating, their relationship has been mentioned in a couple of songs.

Maybe she’ll have better luck with Saweetie’s dad? How weird would it be if JT ended up becoming Saweetie’s step-mother…?

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