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City Girls JT Breaks The Internet With A Nip Slip; ‘Them Shits Goddamn Big’

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City Girls are back on the headlines and this time they are coming through with a nip slip from one half JT as Yung Miami continues twerking on the other end! But that’s not it, the girls are back with releasing new music and their fans are litty for it!

Last night, they released the star-studded remix to “Pussy Talk” with Quavo, Jack Harlow, and Lil Wayne, but that wasn’t the only reason why people were talking about the girl group.

But probably what the internet streets are on about right now is the nip slip from JT! The rapper was looking for a remote control in her home, leaning over to check on a table.

As she turned back to the camera, her nipple had popped out of her top. At first she didn’t notice and then it hit her but it was already too late and the internet broke!

Bur perhaps her comeback was more hilarious after she decided to use a trending quote from the net; the “it’s the…. for me! quote to be precise!”

“Oh shit,” she said, surprised. “It’s always the titties for me. Them shit’s so goddamn big. Y’all gonna stay up until I find my remote?”

It’s not clear though where this has been happening maybe in the house because we couldn’t find any other nip slip that linked to her but they she put it, it must be a normal occurrence in the house or some!

“It’s always the nip slip. I don’t even care no more,” she said. “It’s like… bitch. Y’all see it or y’all don’t.” She then started twerking a little before heading back to the search.

Immediately after the wardrobe malfunction, JT was a trending search on Twitter with fans reacting to what had happened.

In a classic move though and more political than anything else, JT categorically denied that was her on the video and her having a bad day with the wardrobe failure!

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