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‘City Girls’ Rapper Yung Miami Sends Message To Everyone Critiquing Her

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Somebody got on Yung Miami’s nerves this morning because, for some reason, she’s going OFF on Twitter.

The City Girls rapper is fighting back against a number of critics that have come after her, accusing her of buying used designer items from consignment stores and calling her cheap. Clearly offended, she decided to devote some time to clapping back.

“Y’all must’ve got me confused,” tweeted Yung Miami this morning, getting her fans ready for a barrage of receipt-filled posts. “Baby daddy stay putting me on jets taking me shopping spending whatever on me it’s never a limit ion do consignment or used items! Y’all must’ve got me confused with the next b*tch! Never ever wtf I look like if it ain’t new I don’t want it and that’s down to my cars! I have a g wagon & a Bentley every Chanel bag b*tch don’t ever play with me I buy cars for my sisters and brothers big house wtf I look like buying something off a b*tch!”

She continued, despite even her biggest fans being confused about why she was so frustrated.

“I wanna violate this b*tch boy so bad but imma chill cause y’all can bully but when I bully back y’all be crying,” she wrote. “Wtf is 10-18k on a bag that ain’t sh*t. summer birthday party was 70k.”

If there’s one thing you don’t want to accuse Yung Miami of, I guess it’s stinginess because, damn, her wrath is pretty powerful.

JT also seemingly got triggered this week after a fan posted a side-by-side comparison of her and Ari Lennox, claiming they look alike. JT was so offended that she blocked the user.


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