January 24, 2022

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CNN ‘Indefinitely’ Suspends Chris Cuomo After Damning Texts Revealed

In the wake of devastating messages revealing that he worked behind the scenes to smooth up his brother Andrew Cuomo’s sex scandal, CNN has suspended anchor Chris Cuomo “indefinitely.”

Following the revelation on Monday of a wealth of additional papers from her investigation into the former Governor, including messages that revealed Chris Cuomo was seeking to utilise his journalistic “sources” in order to acquire early knowledge about his elder brother’s accusers, the move was announced.

Governor Andrew Cuomo resigned from his position in August after a flood of sexual harassment charges surfaced. CNN confirmed in a statement released Tuesday evening that Cuomo Prime Time anchor was no longer on the air.

It was said in the statement that “transcripts and documents from the Fresh York Attorney General’s office were revealed on Monday that cast new light on Chris Cuomo’s role in his brother’s defence.”

Serious issues have been raised by the records, which we were not aware of prior to their public publication.

Chris revealed to us that he had provided advise to his brother’s workers, and we publicly stated that he had violated our guidelines.

However, we recognised the unusual circumstance he was in and admired his desire to prioritise his family above his work obligations.

“However, these records indicate that he was involved in his brother’s operations to a larger extent than we previously realised. Consequently, Chris has been placed on indefinite suspension pending further investigation.”

Cuomo has previously said in public that all he did was “listen” to his elder brother and “give my view” on the situation.

Cuomo’s job was on the line, according to the network’s announcement on Monday.

In a statement made by CNN, the network noted that “thousands of pages of new transcripts and documents revealed today by the New York Attorney-General need to be thoroughly reviewed and considered.”

“Over the coming few days, we will be having talks with them and seeking greater clarification regarding their relevance in relation to CNN.”

Last year, the 51-year-old announced to fans of his Sirius XM programme that he had extended his CNN contract, which is worth $US6 million ($8.4 million) each year, according to the Celebrity Net Worth website.

Cuomo presented his programme on Monday night, and he made no mention of the crisis that is gaining momentum.

The Attorney General’s office revealed a pile of subpoenaed data, which included hundreds of text conversations showing Chris Cuomo and Melissa DeRosa, who was then Andrew Cuomo’s senior staffer, discussing how to react to the rising charges and his brother’s accusers, according to the AG’s office.

During one point in the investigation — on March 7, less than a week after Governor Andrew Cuomo authorised Ms James to commision an independent investigation — Ms DeRosa posted on Twitter, “Rumour flying around from political figures that 1-2 more people are coming out tomorrow. Could you please double-check your sources?”

Chris Cuomo answered by saying, “On it.”

Later that day, he contacted her, saying, “There will be no resignation.” There will be no resignation. “There will be no resignation.”

“I’m not resigning,” she said.

According to reports, Chris Cuomo tried unsuccessfully in convincing Alec Baldwin not to go out in defence of his brother after a “very close buddy” contacted and said, “Alec wants to talk about cancel culture or political correctness.”

Cuomo later admitted that he was unsuccessful in his efforts.

“I specifically requested that he not do so,” Cuomo said in an interview with investigators hired by Ms James on July 15.

In response, I told him to “stay out of it. The extra effort isn’t required.”

Following the younger Cuomo’s suggestion, Baldwin posted a long video on Instagram criticising “cancel culture,” which has since been removed from the site.

In August, the CNN personality said that he made a mistake by contacting members of his brother’s crew amid the incident, but asserted that he had never used his position to influence the network’s coverage of the story.

In response, he said, “I never covered my brother’s difficulties because I clearly have a conflict of interest, and there are guidelines at CNN about that.”

“I predicted last year that his visits on this programme would be brief, and that prediction proved correct. The most recent was more than a year ago, well before any kind of controversy erupted. I also said at the time that there will come a time when he would have to be held accountable, which I am unable to do.”

“I said unequivocally that I am unable to be impartial when it comes to my family, which is why I never reported on the controversy, and when it occurred, I attempted to be there for my brother,” says the author.

“I never lied to anybody about the information I was supplying or not delivering on this initiative,” says the author.

The governor was a regular guest on his brother’s radio show at the height of the epidemic in 2020, when the two were known for their humorous banter.

Chris Cuomo famously used a large cotton swab to mock his brother about the size of his nose in one of the show’s most memorable segments.

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