Cop Caught On Camera Trying To Shoot A Black Man After Shouting He Has Gun Which He Didn’t – SHAME

MM Staff
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We were treated to a rare glimpse of what happens before cops in America shoot and kill innocent black men after a clip was caught in just opportune time as a cop was in the middle of orchestrating a murder.

A smart black and young man was stopped by cops over traffic offence which at this time is not even clear! They then would get into an altercation involving the cop and the black man which quickly turned south!

The cop pulled out his gun and then started pushing the black man with all kinds of instructions which by the way he refers to as “lawful” and then started yelling “he is got a gun!”

The smart black man quickly knew and understood what was about to happen! He put his both hands outside the car’s window and declared to the cop that his hands were out and he did not have a gun!

The cop then added to the trickery that they use before killing innocent people asking the black man to; “turn off the vehicle!”

He basically was looking for the opportune time to make his declaration again that; “he is got a gun” and then shoot and then he would make a report where he declares that he thought he saw a gun and that is why he shot!

Well the black man refused to oblige to his instructions and told him point blank, that he wanted him to get his hands back into the vehicle so he can shoot him!

My question is are these cops or grim reapers?

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