October 19, 2021

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Country Music Singer Jumps Offstage To Confront Hecklers Mid Concert

While performing in front of his hometown crowd, Tim McGraw got into an argument with some hecklers who claimed that the country singer had forgotten the lyrics to one of his songs.

When Mr McGraw observed hecklers in the front and center of his audience on Saturday night, he took matters into his own hands and stopped his performance at the Nugget Event Center.

Before being removed from the building, the 54-year-old stepped off the stage and exchanged words with hecklers.

He addressed his audience after the difficult time and presented a humorous explanation for why the lyrics of his successful song were lost in his mind.

“Just know I’m elderly if I forget words tonight,” he said.

Moreover, he added, “I’m working on a film with his wife.”

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  • Tim Mcgrow: Sky News
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