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As pranking your significant partner continues to take root on the internet and become the next big thing, caution has been advised given the lengths and places people are prepared to go to find viral content!

A lady in this case decided it was a clever idea to prank her sleeping partner as if she had opened her bowels in his face and the wall while he slept!

Now she took a mixture of some stuff that did not smell very well in the first place and poured it on herself and then on the partner before arousing the partner to wake up and then let the script play itself out while she recorded away!

But it is the reaction of the partner that left her shocked after he decided it was time for her to leave and that they were over and done with!

He even out of anger speed off into their wardrobe to help her pack away! Now at this point the lady who also pretending not to know what was happening realized things had gotten out of hand and run to salvage her relationship while the camera cut off!

Now since she later posted the video, it would tell maybe the partner forgave her but she will not be repeating such a prank…lol!

Check out the video below and let us know what you think on the comments down below.

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