CROWD SURFING FAIL: Rapper Kodak Black Threw Himself To His Fans And They Let Him Fall Hard

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Rapper Kodak Black had a bad day in office after he tried surfing the crowd while performing at one of his tour stops. The rapper threw himself to his fans trusting that they will hold him up and pass him on and he can maybe throw in a few lyrics before they bring him back on stage!

But that was a complete fail after the fans just stepped aside majestically and watched him fall, letting him hit the cement where it is!

The rapper quickly found his footing again but then the fans won’t let him go back up stage and where trying to hang on him! He was not moving and looked shocked at what had just happened to him!

I guess the one thing that was making Kodak defiant online is the fact that he has a massive following that he may have misread! Kodak disrespected a dead man, the late Nipsey Hussle talking about Lauren London and went on stage a few hours later to find a sold out crowd the other day!

That made him bold, he must have thought; “what are these people telling me about I am gonna get sidelined and I have all these fans”. But one thing he had forgotten is that though he was hot, he was a hot mess and fans were coming out to see this guy who got no chills!

And his fans must have been confused at how to react to his antics and instead of giving them a chance to figure it out, he threw himself in and they just moved aside as the hot mess he is!

Now you gotta understand this is Kodak Black we are talking about! Under normal circumstances, Kodak will never touch that cement! But just for the fact that he has turned himself into this defiant, cruel rapper online and projects that image strongly, now he saw it live, it makes even his fans scared of him!

Anyway I have seen others reporting that he was stomped upon while on the floor and that is not true! He found his footing quickly but was not moving as fans were trying to hang on him while he looked shocked at what had just happened!

I hope Kodak learns something from this and changes his trajectory! He must stop disrespecting people and start offering real respect and realise that this life is real, it’s not a game and we are not robots.

And ask anyone, people know not to mess with the dead!

Anyway watch the video below for the rest of the story in detail and watch the video of Kodak Black eating cement for dinner. It’s just ridiculous!

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