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Dababy Has Tweet Jojo Siwa Clarifying To Her Directly That He Did Not Diss Her


Dababy has been forced by Twitter to address his own bars and wordplay after the internet went ham on the rapper following confusion that he had dissed the YouTube teen star.

According to Dababy he was on some next level wordplay that went over the head of many leaving them angered at him for no reason at all and giving him a piece of their minds!

Dababy faced the wrath of the YouTube community who did not get the concept behind Hip Hop and how lyrics are written or arrived at and they had initially thought the rapper was dissing a teen.

We broke down the whole drama earlier on check it out here and understand where Dababy was coming from.

But more to it; Dababy send Jojo Siwa a message directly letting her know that he did not diss her and that he loved her work and wished her well before telling her to keep shinning.

According to Dababy, he has bought his daughter every product she has and even revealed to Jojo Siwa that she thinks she is her because of how much she loves the teen star.

Check out the tweet below and a clip of the video of Dababy and his lyrics and let us know what you think on the comments down below.


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