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Dababy Jojo Siwa Rap Bars Explained; Did He Diss Her Or Not?


Dababy has found himself getting smothered with all kinds of hate online after he released beatbox a freestyle that according to the internet, he dissed Youtuber Jojo Siwa.

Dababy who in reaction to the whole drama just tweeted he loves Twitter for kind of fire it breathes on someone if cross them appears unbothered by the whole thing!

So what was the diss and was it a diss and was Dababy really attacking a Youtube Teen star in his bars?

The bars in question go like this;

“Don’t wonna get me started/n*gga turn me up/n*ggas gon’ see why n*gga you a b*tch/Jojo Siwa b*tch/you let the wrong n*gga get rich”

But was it a diss? And the answer is a big fat NO!

Dababy is addressing his would be enemy and he is telling them that he is about to prove to them that they can’t match up to him.

He says he is staying calm until they press him (Don’t wonna get me started), they try to reach and then he is gonna turn up the hit (n*gga turn me up) and make them fold in front of the world! He is telling the enemy everyone is going to see you just a b*tch (n*ggas gon’ see why n*gga you a b*tch)!

A b*tch is in relation to woman in this case. But as if to point to the would be enemy, Dababy wanted them to understand he was not talking about just any woman, no, not even a lady, but a little girl type of b*tch!

That is where the Jojo Siwa name came in! (n*ggas gon’ see why n*gga you a b*tch/Jojo Siwa b*tch)!

So Dababy in simpler terms is telling the enemy he is addressing; people will see why you are a woman but not just any woman but a little girl!

Why did he use Jojo Siwa in this scenario and not any other name?

That is Hip Hop for you. Hip Hop is nasty, it is a game of the unruly. It does not respects persons or age. It is not a game of the “nice people!” It is war. The harder you go the better chances you have at eliminating your competitors.

Hip Hop was never supposed to be a mainstream affair, acceptable to all. In fact until commercial hip hop came along; the underground hip hop is probably the dirtiest thing you can put in between your ears!

But conscious rap, commercial rap genre parts of the wider hip hop have come a long way in bringing hip hop to the masses and creating that acceptance.

But even at that, those ugly takes in hip hop will still find themselves some space into our ears!

Also, In wordplay, punchlines count and also relevance and trends must come in handy to create that effect and breakthrough the ceiling.

Jojo Siwa has been trending since she declared she is part of the LGBTQ community. Using her name in a rap will elicit all kinds of emotions etc.

In terms of ugliness, there is no better way of explaining your point of a little girl in hip hop than literally taking that little girl and raising her high up and pointing to her to bring your point home!

So, in ugliness Dababy made his point! In commercial hip hop Dababy made his point with the wordplay! You make your choice if you like him or not but in terms of Hip Hop; he is one of the baddest in that way.

Hope that brought some clarity to your whole view of the Beatbox!

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