Wed. Jan 20th, 2021
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Just two months after posted loving photos of the moment her boyfriend Max Ehrich proposed, Demi Lovato dropped out of that relationship like it was smelly!

The superstar singer’s millions of fans flooded her mentions with congratulatory messages about finding her Prince Charming, then again came to her rescue with consoling messages after the sour end to their relationship!

Soon after the news circulated online that Demi Lovato called off her engagement, a stunned Ehrich shocked the world after he claimed that he’d only learned of the breakup online.

Demi and her Young & the Restless actor ex-fiancé got engaged after dating for only four months and theirs according to everyone close to them was a dream relationship! They melted in each other’s hands!

It’s unknown why she decided to call it quits so quick, but Lovato did put her feelings on wax. The singer gave a surprise announcement that she planned to drop a song, in what looked like a scripted move and without fail and without alerting her team, Demi in Less than 24 hours delivered “Still Have Me.”

“All the highs and now just lows / But it doesn’t even matter, cause I’d rather be alone / All my life disappeared and I’m laying right here while the silence is piercing,” Lovato sings.

Her team also reportedly alleges that Elrich isn’t being truthful about the breakup and was told by Demi that it was over.

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