December 1, 2021

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Demi Lovato Pauses In ‘Birthday Suit’ While On Vacation

There will be no more melon cakes on birthdays, but Demi Lovato is all for birthday suits! The singer of “Melon Cake” celebrated their 29th birthday with a romantic trip to the Maldives.

“Alexa, play Birthday Suit by @duckwrth (: @libbykelter),” Lovato captioned a sequence of photos and videos in which she is seen wearing a white, see-through one-piece swimsuit.

In one scene, Lovato is seen posing on the edge of an infinity pool before laughing and rolling into the water.

“Nice tush,” comedian Chelsea Handler said on the photographs.

“Holy wow so divine lovely,” Drew Barrymore wrote in support of Lovato.

After uploading an unedited swimsuit photo on Instagram in 2019, Lovato opened up about her difficulties with body image.

“This is my greatest apprehension. An unedited shot of me in a bikini. What’s more, it’s CELLULIT!!!! “At the time, they wrote. “I’m just so tired of being ashamed of my body and editing it (yes, the other bikini photos were changed – and I hate that I did, but it’s the truth) so that others believe I’m THEIR image of beauty, but I’m not. This is what I received.”

Lovato released the music video for their celebration song “Melon Cake” over the weekend in honor of their birthday.

The song is about Lovato’s issues with eating disorders and her previous management’s control over what she ate.

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