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Did Asian Doll Hijack King Von’s Death For Clout?

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Since the break of the news of the untimely death of King Von so much has gone down and has lead to even more confusion than anyone would want to see in such a situation!

King Von at the time of his death according to his manager was not in his right mind! 100kmgnt speaking to Akademiks in an interview recounted the events around the passing of his artiste Von whom he says he holds in high regard.

According to the manager, King Von was not in a relationship with Asian Doll. He says the rapper had moved on and actually even at the time of his murder was in the company of a completely different girl.

Although he did not say which girl this one was but confirmed straight up there was no relationship between him and Asian Doll!

So, to this end we can conclude Asian Doll who has been tweeting and sharing moments of their past relationship to some extend hijacked the passing of Von to her own selfish gains!

I mean it is not wrong to mourn the death of a beloved one and if she only shared her memories and moved on things would have been much better for everyone else!

But it seems Asian Doll forgot herself and began speaking on behalf of Von and his family and even went to as far as present herself to the world as if they were still in a relationship!

Well, when it got into her brain then things got out of hand and have since deteriorated into some lame exchanges online!

First of Asian Doll began presenting information that she had not clue about. She send tweets about King Von’s last words noting that he had said something in the lines of;

“You let them niggas get up on me, stop crying y’all let them get me.”

In hindsight, she at first while she was sharing those memories of her and King Von opened up about something that led us to understand why she may have shared such information about the rapper’s entourage.

It is not clear how the two met, that is King Von and Asian Doll but what is clear is how she exited the relationship! Despite everything else that happened between the two and some of it very public, Asian Doll may have revealed she had a strained relationship with the closest circle of Von.

She talked about possibly having been forced to exit the inner circle of the rapper by his crew. The close circle of the rapper. Whether by letting the rapper know of somethings she wasn’t doing right or whatever it was, Asian revealed that they pushed her out and she left!

Now she was advising other ladies that do not let yourself be pushed out of your relationship with your man by people around him instead stay by force! Which then she noted if she never left because some people wanted her out, she would have been there when this stuff went down, and she would have saved the man’s life!

But we know these two had been apart for so long and moved on that Von wouldn’t have probably wanted her around him!

But this was the root then of her hate for the men around King Von and so when he died, she considered this an opportunity to get back at them and that is why she went off on them claiming they are lazy, losers, jealous individuals who let the rapper die!

But according to 100kmgnt who sought to bring light into the situation by doing the interview with Akademiks, he says that nothing could be so far from the truth than her allegations!

He broke down how things happened and says this whole thing happened so fast and was not planned!

He says Von’s homeboy approached him at the parking lot and told him that Quando Rondo had just pulled up in the parking!

He says Von did not even think and just jumped out of the car and off he went! He says Von did not even know where Quando Rondo was when he jumped out of the car and just bumped into him right outside!

The manager says Von did not even speak to him but proceeded to exchange blows with him without thinking!

Now he says that because of them working on entering the club initially, his security had put their guns in the vehicle and were going to walk into the club unarmed per normal protocols of venues!

So when Von jumped into action over his beef with Quando, he did not even let his security know what was happening, they did not even have information on who was with Quando Rondo and at first, they thought he was around only with his driver and a McLaren!

He says they were caught by surprise when somebody jumped out of a white SUV with a gun and shot the rapper in the face and 3 more times and before he could do anything he also got shot!

But he says the reason why people think Von’s entourage was running was not because of the man who shot Von but because police officers then began spraying bullets all over shooting at every and anything that moved!

He says that in the ensuing melee people had to take cover and wait for the bullets to stop flying before they could approach Von who was lying down shot while holding Quando as his shield and says he was still alert!

According to the manager, the rapper was rushed to hospital and had become calm, was looking strong and although a little panicked, his people managed to calm him down and told him they were taking him to hospital.

Upon arriving at the hospital, the manager says he believes the rapper died on the table as we reported before!

Now in all this he says King Von was getting ready to buy those men around his houses, he had done so much for them and their bond was unbreakable!

He says their crew the O block was so tight that he admired how they moved. He says their movements were always we thought, tight, security was always a key thing for them but on this particular night, he says something was amiss with King Von and when they arrived at the club, he kept everybody waiting for so long that he had to be approached to even come out of the car!

He says his homeboys were always ready to die for them and that he died fighting for them so this business of Asian Doll claiming otherwise is neither there nor here!

In addition, he says even on their chains, they have names of everyone who has died in their crew and they carry them everywhere in remembrance so to say they ran and left him alone is a whole joke but the circumstances around his shooting led things to work out the way they did and there is nothing anyone can change about that!

He also sought to discredit claims that his men also stole from him after his death taking his bag and money according to some reports!

He says even on that night before Von died, the entire crew made 5k dollars each over a deal they signed co-signed by the rapper and so they were always loaded to even think of stealing from Von. He says Von was their provider, their way out and he also is their provider, and they would come to him before they would consider stealing from Von.

So, nobody is denying Asian Doll the right to mourn the passing of his ex-boyfriend, but she should stick to memories and avoid fronting herself as the most immediate person who was in his life when the truth is she wasn’t!

The manager adds that the family isn’t speaking through Asian Doll and she personally spoke to her and told her to chill before he went for his interview.

Asian Doll has since deactivated his Instagram and Twitter and remains quiet which is probably the best decision.

By the way all this information apparently Asian Doll was getting it from a spiritual medium who helped her call the dead rapper and she says she could feel his nose overnight when he woke her up and she just smiled!

So, it was nothing Von told her from his death bed or in other way as Von did not talk to her, wasn’t talking to her and she is just simply reaching!

Check out the video below for the rest of the details and let us know what you think on the comments down below.

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