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Guys did you know Drake’s doorbell is the head of 21 Savage literally?!

There is no other way of expressing who Drake is other than creative as the rapper moved into his mansion, he thought hard and wanted a doorbell that will captivate his visitors and apparently did not like any in the market.

So in his thought process he figured that since his house was number 21, he could as well get a bell created with inspiration around that number!

But in the process of thinking the best way to represent that number, he didn’t like that most of the ideas he was getting were only number inspired until he woke up one morning and an idea just came to his mind so clear and unique he knew this was it!

And that is how Drake created a doorbell that had his favorite rapper 21 Savage in the center of it!

In other words, Drake took the head of 21 Savage literally and created his doorbell out of it! Check it out down below and let us know what you make of it in the comments down below.

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