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Diddy Pulled Up On Rick Ross At His Multi Million Estate And Can’t Shut Up 🤣


Diddy toured Rick Ross’s multi million estate and couldn’t shut up because it was simply black excellence!

According to Diddy, Rozay who put up a show for the mogul, with his fountains on the front yard turned on and a complete tour of the entire estate, God took time making him!

It is not clear what the two stars turned business moguls were upto or are about to roll out together but what was clear was that Rozay did an amazing first impression!

Rick Ross’ home is located in Fayetteville, Georgia. The home was purchased for 5.8 Million in 2014 and used to be the home of boxing champion Evander Holyfield.

Rick Ross purchased this home after Evander Holyfield lost it in foreclosure. The house is the largest residence in the state of Georgia and with his 350,000 gallon pool he now owns the largest swimming pool in the US.

The house is said to have 109 rooms, including 12 bedrooms and 21 bathrooms. The 54,000 square foot home also has a bowling alley and home theatre.

Also included in this home are an indoor swimming pool, a boxing gym and a recording studio. There is also an indoor basketball court. On the 235 acres lot, there sits a 7-stall barn, a baseball field with lights and scoreboard and a full guesthouse.

Rick Ross’ net worth is widely contested. It is believed to be anywhere from 28 – 35 Million with some predictions as high as 93 Million (based on one of his songs where he claims to have that much in his checking account).

There is much controversy about his net worth due to the release of his financial information by fellow rapper 50 Cent on the Ed Lover morning show that showed his expenses being higher than his income.

Since then, he has recorded $5-7 Million in income annually through record sales and live shows.

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