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Diplo Claims He Slept With Beyoncé In Dramatic Leaked Text Messages

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In what reads like a movie script in leaked exchange via messages to another woman, Diplo claimed he slept with Beyonce over 10 years ago.

The messages are from 2010 and in them they talk about Diplo having possibly infected the woman with some sort of sexually transmitted disease!

According to the screenshots seen by MM, the woman then proceeds to seek to know from Diplo if he was sleeping around! In his recount then the producer reveals that at the time he had slept with Beyoncé!

The two stars used to work together a lot those times and if anything went down then it would have gone down in the studio!

Diplo does not reveal more details from the conversation and the angry woman promises to get a restraining order to keep him from going to her before she calls him crazy!

Beyonce did not immediately respond to our request for a comment!


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