Dj Khaled Blasts Tyler The Creator Calls His Album That Beat His On Billboard A Mystery

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Dj Khaled still salty Calls Tyler The Creator’s new album that beat him on the Billboard charts and is calling it a mystery Claiming nobody is playing it out here while his album is everywhere.

The super producer whose new album premiered on the charts at number two getting beaten by Tyler’s new master piece for that sweet number one spot is not a happy man.

Khaled hyped his new album to the brim even labelled it the greatest of his works and said it was his best work that he has ever worked on! He billed it as his best and was certain it will premier on billboard’s at number one until Tyler checked in with his album and took the spot!

Dj Khaled is said to have been so pissed off that he was all cursing and that positivity went out the window! Well after the reports came out of his dissatisfaction with the classification of his album as second class, the producer is talking!

He calls Tyler’s album a mystery! Claims nobody listens to it! He says if you put your ear on the ground, you will hear his album everywhere! Everybody is devouring it in their own way and wonders who is playing Tyler’s album so it beat him for the number one spot!

Watch Dj Khaled below go off about Tyler and wait for Tyler’s response! It was epic!

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