January 27, 2022

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Don Lemon Denies Sexually Assaulting Man At New York Bar

The news presenter allegedly placed his hand in his trousers and “continued to thrust his fingers in [Hice’s] face with anger and hatred,” according to Dustin Hice.

Don Lemon is facing sexual misconduct charges of his own after reporting on numerous politicians and celebrities who have been accused of doing so.

Lemon, the renowned CNN presenter, has been accused of sexually abusing a New York bartender, and he has responded by fiercely denying any wrongdoing.

Dustin Hice, a bartender, says that he was the victim of a “demeaning, unjustified, and insulting assault” at a pub in the Hamptons in 2018.

Hice claims he was out drinking with pals when he bumped across Lemon at a pub, according to USA TODAY.

He offered to buy Lemon a “Lemon Drop,” but the newscaster rejected, and Hice subsequently claimed that Lemon became physically aggressive.

“(Lemon) forcefully massaged his genitalia down the front of his own shorts, then removed his hand and jammed his index and middle fingers into (Hice’s) moustache and under (Hice’s) nose,” according to the lawsuit.

Lemon is also accused of approaching Hice and saying, “‘Would you rather have (vagina) or (penis)?’ Mr. Lemon proceeded to thrust his fingers into (Hice’s) face with anger and hatred while he said this.”

“Don unequivocally rejects these claims,” a CNN spokesman stated in response to the allegations. The following is a statement:

“On his social media sites, the plaintiff in this action has shown a history of disdain towards CNN. This accusation stems from his failed threats and demands for a large sum of money from Don Lemon.”

Hice did not specify the amount of damages he is seeking, but he believes he has been subjected to “extreme mental anguish” as well as “loss of future wages and prospects.”

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