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Donald Trump was spotted with a metal like device protruding from his skull during the presidential debate 2020.

The president who looked at his best while he took on his foe in the race to White House has left many wondering what that device could be leading to massive numbers of speculations online.

We have seen some saying it’s some kind of tape for lifting your skin to make you look younger and labelled it an old Hollywood trick!

Others are ridiculously pointing out that the president is an alien and his true identity is finally coming out LOL!

Others are calling upon Elon Musk to come forth and explain what type of chip that is and what it does! With many noting it was some kind of advancement chip to keep the president sharp!

While the debate around whatever that is ranges on, we bring it to you! Have a look below and let us know on the comments down below what you make of it and what do you think it’s use is.

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