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Dr. Dre Disses Nicole Young In Unreleased Song Preview; ‘You Trying To Kill Me’


Dr. Dre disses Nicole Young in unreleased song preview that saw Dj Silk trend for a moment!

According to that unreleased song, Dr. Dre addresses Nicole Young directly and in talking to her he wrote these bars;

“Trying to kill me with the lies and that perjury/I see you try to F me when am in surgery/In ICU death bed over some money sh!t/Greedy b*tch take a pic/Girl you know how money get”

You will recall Dr. Dre was admitted in hospital just a few weeks ago with brain injury that saw him almost lose his life but he came around and it seems he found Nicole may have been trying to influence a few of his affairs while he was away!

These two found each dated, got married silently but their breakup has been loud and messy.

For now, Dr. Dre is rumored to be in a relationship with Omarion’s ex-wife April Jones.

Nicole Young has not responded to MM’s request for a comment.

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