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Dr. Dre’s daughter Truly Young had time after 50 Cent came for her mother and decided to bring to light some of the thoughts she had of her own to fore!

The girl who just turned 19 and is actually really beautiful, tall, has a cute smile, appears to be daring and adventurous is taking no prisoners when it comes to her family and what respect is levelled on em!

As we reported before, Dr. Dre and his wife Nicole Young are divorcing, and their divorce has become somewhat a playfield of the public gallery as details to their marriage end playout in public arena!

But that said still Truly does not want to hear your opinion and especially if you came up on the credit of his dad’s name!

So 50 Cent had posted the breaking of news that Nicole was asking for $2 million as spousal support as they went their separate ways with the famous producer!

Fif may have had a mouthful to say and called Nicole a b*tch somewhere in his statement as he wondered how a grown woman can ask for so much money just live on!

But Nicole who didn’t clap back appears to have readied her army of her daughter Truly who came out guns blazing!

She told 50 Cent to shut the F up and called him washed up before explaining how she saw him from a woman’s point of view!

50 Cent laughed her opinion off and noted that he will not be clapping back because he needed Dr. Dre to make the beats to his new music!

Now another notable rapper who had a comment of the $2 million situation was Xzibit who commented on 50 Cent’s post noting “WTF”!

Truly Young had a few words for Xzibit to that end wondering how after everything her family had done for him and his family, he had the guts to come and comment on a post that called her mother a b*tch! She would finish her statement by giving the rapper a middle finger!

Xzibit did not immediately respond to MM’s request for a comment!

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