Drake Spotted Donning A Watch That Could Easily Cost $55 Million And Requires It’s Own Security Detail When He Is On The Move

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Drake is just stucking levels in this game and he is not apologetic about it either!

The rapper was spotted donning a watch that demands it’s own security to move around and it’s price tag could easily be in the heights of $55 million.

The company that made him the piece, made another piece named hallucinations watch that was tagged at that price tag hence the comparison because this one is made up of pure diamonds and it’s price tag is actually a secret!

The rapper was seen moving out for his O2 arena after party with the watch. Sources close to the rapper tell us that the security detail for the watch is only trained to keep their eyes on the watch and in the event they deem the special jewellery piece to be in danger, they take it and whisk it away to safety.

Drake can be minded by his other security detail! Now my question is why wear such a piece if it’s complications with keeping it safe mean your life could be in danger as well?!

But Drake who has a networth of $100 million is in a better place to explain himself when it comes to the choices he makes on the expensive stuff he dons!

Only in October as we reported earlier presented himself to the how much is your outfit worth donning a total of $1 million in outfit and accessories.

Let us know on the comments down below what you think of Drake’s new watch and are you donning it if it means your life maybe in danger?

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