Drake Stuns With A $1 Million Outfit

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For many of us getting ready for the day involves just a simple pop into a tee and some jeans and a gucci belt and some sneakers and we ready. For the ladies, you know how you do it on that Fashion Nova but for Drake it’s different levels am telling you!

The rapper showcased how he gets ready in the morning and how he chooses his outfits but the problem is, they ain’t any kind of your everyday normal outfits! He was straight up pulling $1 million in one look!

Drake broke it down on Camera too, showing that he was wearing;

  • A brioni jacket for $11,000
  • Tom Ford Turtleneck for $2,000
  • Tom Ford Trousers for a $1,000
  • Tom Ford Crocodile Shoes for $15,000
  • Chain $200,000
  • Richard Mille RM69 Watch $750,000

Outfit Total = $ 979,000

Now that is a different kind of level and humble flex from Drake don’t you agree? The rapper had made an appearance on “how much is your outfit worth?” program.

Check out the video below and let us know on the comments down below what you think.

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Drake showcases his $1,000,000 outfit

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