Fri. Jan 22nd, 2021
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Celina Powell is no stranger to controversy in actual fact she courts it because she knows there is money to be made the more controversy you can level on yourself!

The lass who has been trending online for a while following launch of an equally controversial show on the No Jumper platform, ‘thots next door’, has been fired.

Apparently Adam22 cancelled the show after Celina and her friend became a thorn in the flesh for Adam22 and his platform following their screeching choice of topics!

Basically they were looking back at all stars who had taken them to bed and replaying their experiences but this time on camera and the world attentive!

Celina exposed a couple of stars on bedroom matters from their weird fetishes to their power in bed and so forth!

The latest episodes that had tongues wanking was where they exposed Odell Beckham Jr. on his poop fetish as we reported before.

According to Celina, things got real after Adam22 received backlash over what the girls were doing on his platform and ran scared.

She also accuses him of paying her $500 to make po*n and never even payed the money.

She then argues that Adam22 has no loyalty and was courting her enemies and didn’t care because he is only interested in views.

“It’s with heavy hearts that Aliza and I have to tell y’all, thots next door is canceled… I was gonna make a YouTube video about it but I can’t fight back the tears to even talk. Since 2018 Adam22 and I broke the internet countless times, Adam never cared then because only I had backlash. My whole “career” is backlash. I came a month ago to be interviewed & we pulled 19 million views on twitter. We brought the show to him & he accepted it, we didn’t ask for any money because Aliza & combined made $300,000 jus for going viral. Because we talked about f*cking black men, he got backlash for the first time. Adam then decided today to interview one of my biggest enemies & didn’t care . Loyalty is everything to me. We all decided to just separate. I’m sorry to @obj for embarrassing you, @suns & most importantly akademiks. I truly love akademiks and I chose Adam over him just for Adam to chose views over us.. it’s fine though. Aliza and I will find a new home for TND. We love you. I’m sorry to every black person we offended. Oh and Lena you can keep that $500 you paid me to do a p*rn for, I hope it makes y’all all the money you used me for, I didn’t cash the check yet, peace.”

We will keep you posted on where this story goes from here because I am certain we are about to get fresh drops on many names here from Celina.

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