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Dwight Howard Accused Of Being A DeadBeat Dad After Lakers NBA Title Snatch

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It was his first NBA title after a lengthy career with the league, so it was unsurprising to see Dwight Howard showing off his Los Angeles Lakers win and celebratory antics online.

In a post, it looked as if he accidentally shared a screenshot of a text exchange with his lady friend which prompted Royce Reed, the mother of his son Braylon Howard, to unleash her wrath.

The former Basketball Wives star has had a contentious relationship with Howard for years, and while they have seemed to have learned tokeep their drama offline, things have taken a turn.

“Imagine having to text a 3rd party to try and find out if this person plans on seeing their 2 kids that live here and that they haven’t seen since July or SPOKEN to since August before they leave the city and the response is ‘I don’t know, I gotta see what the team doin,'” Royce wrote in the caption to a text image post she shared to Instagram. “A multimillionaire who can catch any flight with a choice to spend a couple hours with children who want to think he’s their own personal Superman. A child who REALLY NEEDS HIM RIGHT NOW!”

“But… I hold this little boy at night through tears and anger. I comfort him. I raise him with love not through money,” Reed added. “So anyone who has an issue with that F*CK YALL! Straight up! Braylon will always cause my lioness to come out! PERIOD!” This bit was an addition to her post which also claimed that their son wants to change his name and was crying because his father was “in his same city but won’t call, text, visit, or send note by pigeon.”

Then, the woman Dwight Howard is allegedly seeing stepped into the conversation with a subliminal shot that seemed to be aimed at Royce. It didn’t go unnoticed, and Royce bit back with a few Instagram Stories that went unanswered.

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