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The Wiggles performer, 31, bid Gigi farewell in a moving post shared to Instagram on Tuesday.

She told her fans: ‘I truly love goats. It is with a heavy heart that I say goodbye to my little black goat who passed unexpectedly last week. He was so young and had such a beautiful spirit… little one you will be missed xx’.

The singer went on to introduce fans to her new goat, Peaches, which she got to keep her remaining goat, Dolce, company, now that Gigi was gone.

‘My other goat Dolce was also heartbroken and so we had to search for a new friend and here she is, Peaches,’ she wrote.

Emma also shared a photo of Dolce and Peaches together, with her cuddled up between them.

In an Instagram Stories video shared the day prior, Emma bid her black goat farewell with a sweet video captioned:

‘Rest in peace my beautiful’.

The children’s entertainer is known to be such a major fan of the animals that she raises them at home, and even sings a Wiggles track called I Like Goats.

Emma went so far as having goats take part in her wedding to ex-husband Lachy Gillespie in 2016.

‘We’re going to have some goats at the wedding… some baby goats in the garden,’ she said at the time.

Emma and Lachlan joined The Wiggles in 2013, started dating weeks later, married in 2016 and then announced their split in August 2018.

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