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Empire’s Actor Bryshere Gray Health Has Greatly Improved

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Last time we heard about him, he was looking homeless and disturbed mentally and was involved in domestic abuse allegations as rumors of drug abuse emerged!

Hakeem as he is known in his Empire role got arrested and presented with charges of attacking a woman he was in a relationship with as we reported before.

His management team would defend him and argue that he wasn’t doing drugs rather he was sick and was suffering from a condition that was causing him to act like he was acting!

You will recall before this drama, he had been kicked out of his house after the landlord accused him of smoking in the house and destroying it by letting his dog poop around the house and stay in the house against the contractual agreement they had!

One of the things that trended concerning him was his mugshot but time has passed and the star is back on social media from his self-imposed break.

According to a source close to him, he is said to be doing better and is in a better place mentally and appears to be finding his way back on his feet!

Check out the post he made today on social media and let us know what you think on the comments down below.

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