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EXCLUSIVE: This Is Why Kobe’s Wife Vanessa Bryant Kicked Out Her Mother From Her House

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We are have received some more details as to why Vanessa decided to throw her mother out of her house!

As we reported before, Vanessa did indeed ask her mother to leave her home and in fact repossess a car that she and her now deceased husband had gifted her!

The exclusive is curtesy of our now famous little birdie who chooses to remain unnamed.

Now when Kobe Bryant unbelievably and sadly passed on in an helicopter accident that also took the life of his daughter, his wife Vanessa ganged up with her family to find solace in that difficult time!

As we reported before, Vanessa would bring her mother into her house to help her grief and overcome the difficult time by helping her around the house and basically just being the pillar that held everything together in a time when things were falling apart!

Things were okay at first and everything went according to plan and the family was okay!

Then you remember after a few days, the family decided to go dark on social media, Vanessa and the rest of her family who are on social media turned their pages private and blocked fan pages online!

Vanessa at the time noted that the family did this to help them grieve and to stop being constantly subjected to seeing Kobe’s photos as his fan pages posted him non-stop!

Well as our little birdie now tells us, that was just a story! According to the actual reason why the family did this is even juicier!

Well according to our source; it was Vanessa who came up with the idea to go dark on social media and it was not because they were constantly being subjected to seeing Kobe’s pictures all the time!

But rather because Vanessa was concerned somebody was leaking family information to the media! She at first thought the fan pages were the ones leaking that information or people were going into their personal pages and getting the information!

So at this point she orchestrated the ban on social media fan pages by blocking them and demanded everyone living under her roof do the same! She would then in addition demand that they all go private with their pages to reduce the leakages!

But the thing is nothing changed and information continued to leak to social media according to our little birdie causing Vanessa and the rest of the family quite the headache as they tried to understand how the media was getting all this information that they were reporting on!

Now according to our little birdie, Vanessa finally figured it out that her mother was the “leak!” Also in addition to being the leak and the source media were getting their information from, she discovered that the mother was also being paid for some juicy leaks she was dishing out!

And that is when according to our little birdie everything fell apart and Vanessa was so heartbroken she just demanded the mother leaves and because she had even gone to the extent of making money out of such a situation, she demanded they dis-link and took the car from her because she couldn’t stand to see driving it while she had been selling information around the person who gifted her the car in his most saddest time!

We are told the mother actually thought it was a joke and that she will calm down but as she came to realize later, Vanessa was dead pissed and wanted nothing to do with her!

And that is when she just decided then if that is what it is then I might as well make the last dollar out of the whole thing and she started taking interviews but you have to dish out the green before you can get her!

And that is the information our little birdie had for us! Let us know on the comments down below what you make of the drama.

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