Fans Are Pissed Smurf Got Killed Off In “Animal Kingdom” Want Show Cancelled

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After four seasons of leading the Cody crime family, Ellen Barkin’s beloved character Janine ‘Smurf’ Cody was killed off in Wednesday’s penultimate Season 4 episode, and Barkin has reacted to her abrupt exit.

The 65 year old actress took to Twitter on Wednesday night with a cryptic tweet that hinted she wasn’t too happy with the exit, while several fans expressed their anger as well.

‘Next episode Smurf’s will is opened. She left her boys a hit tv show,’ Barkin began, before adding, ‘Carry on Codys… well, maybe not all Codys.’

Barkin didn’t clarify anything further about her tweet, but it seemed to hint that she wasn’t very happy about her exit, without stating it outright. The actress also took to Twitter to like several tweets from fans expressing their anger over Smurf’s demise.

In an interview with TV Line, series creator/show-runner John Wells revealed what went into the decision to kill off Smurf, the leader of the Southern California crime family the show is cantered around.

‘You know, we always do everything based on story. And since we were talking about what to do and where we’d gotten with the Smurf story, it seemed like good storytelling,’ Wells said.

‘And you know, this is Animal Kingdom. We don’t expect anybody to be alive by the time we get to the end!,’ he added. One fan, @jonathan_ducote, said Wells’ explanation, ‘Sounds like a kid explaining why he didn’t do his homework… also known as a load of bull.’

Another fan, @Numbskull430 simply stated that TNT should, ‘Cancel the show now!’ while another complained that Smurf being killed off wasn’t ‘organic.’

‘It was behind the scenes bulls**t. But I loved the way @EllenBarkin walked. It was a bad a** b***h strut,’ @DonMateo72 said. Another fan dubbed @OrvilleLloyd said, ‘John Wells is lying to the audience just tell us the truth why Ellen Barkin was let go.’

‘Barkin is an incredible actress and the star of the show. Killing the star of a series will seal the fate. It will probably get cancelled next season. Ellen deserved so much better than this,’ he added.

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